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Tory cuts are stacked against poorest in society

Steve McIlwrath (Write Back, March 12) has a bit of a gall to attack the Greens over their stance on the Tory-led welfare cuts.

Let's not pretend that the cuts are anything other than ideological. If cuts are necessary and everyone really is 'in this together', then they would be inflicted evenly across all national departments, regardless of function.

But cuts in spending are heavily stacked against the 'easy' targets: people swamped by a tide of media abuse for the unfortunate state of their lives - most of them through no fault of their own.

The position of the Tories that 'we didn't cause this crisis' is nonsense. The Conservatives supported two Labour Budgets prior to the start of the 2008 crisis.

Similarly, the Tories weren't exactly being a responsible opposition and screeching about reining in the spending while tax revenues declined and national productivity collapsed.

There's never any mention from Tories that the 2008 crisis was, indeed, global and the fact that the UK actually weathered the storm pretty well compared to other AAA-rated nations. I'm no fan of New Labour, but the Tory ability to develop economic amnesia never ceases to amaze me.

The Conservatives have always done buck-passing rather well. I see no reason why a Northern Ireland Conservative will differ.

conal stewart

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