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Tory cuts will only benefit rich in society

A FEW weeks ago, the Conservative minister responsible for slashing benefits, Iain Duncan Smith, skulked into Belfast.

He was here to reveal a report by the Tory Centre for Social Justice. The only justice the Conservatives are interested in is justice for the rich.

For the rest of us, well, their plans for the average family, those on low incomes and pensioners will actually increase social injustice and poverty.

For example, over the next three years, the Ulster Unionist Conservatives plan to cut, in real terms, child benefit for ordinary families while at the same time keep making payments to millionaire households.

The whole Tory philosophy is to cut tax for the rich in society by making the rest of us pay for it .

Have you ever wondered why the millionaires that sit around David Cameron's Cabinet aren't worried about cutting these services? The answer is quite simple: they can afford it.

The Tories won't care when schools close as they can pay for their children to be educated privately or when hospitals shut as they will be able to afford private medical care.

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The Ulster Unionist Conservatives are using the country's deficit as a cover to cut public services to the bone. Cuts are coming and each and every one is supported, endorsed and approved by the Ulster Unionist Party. It's time they were reminded of that.


Donaghadee, Co Down