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Touching words tell truth about life of a carer

I would like to thank Jackie McGregor on her very touching comments on Celebrate Father's Day Every Day, and also previous articles which she has written about her father and his Alzheimer's disease.

Her father is so blessed to have such a loving and devoted daughter. It is so sad that she is not long married, and has nursed both her mother and father with this cruel disease. She is so young and has come through so much upheaval, stress and sadness.

Her articles are so calming and encouraging to carers like myself who are going through the pain |of dealing with someone they love with Alzheimer's, or another |illnesses.

Jackie puts into words what the rest of us in our turmoil are trying to cope with. It is worth remembering the person as they used to be, treating them with love, respect, and dignity, and making each day a special day for them.



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