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Tough question for Gildernew

In recent days, Gerry Adams has attacked SDLP representatives for asking tough questions about the murder of Paul Quinn and the shooting of policemen.

Inspired by the bravery of people like the late John Fee, who suffered severe physical attack for expressing his views against violence, the SDLP will continue to shine the light of justice on to such attacks, no matter how inconvenient the truth may be to any party or Government.

Maybe Gerry Adams will ask a tough question of the woman he appointed a minister, Michelle Gildernew, the Fermanagh and South Tyrone MLA?

Following the gun attack by dissident republicans on an off-duty PSNI officer in Dungannon, does she still stand by her comments on Radio Ulster's Talkback on February 15, 2007? When asked whether she would advise the public to contact the police if they saw 'dissident' republicans with weapons, she stated that, personally, she would not contact the police.

Cllr Tim Attwood, Belfast

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