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Traders should fear university expansion plan

While the problem of car parking causes me to have full sympathy with the residents of Carrick Hill (News, May 20), they are not in as bad a situation as I and my neighbours.

While Carrick Hill has a problem of all-day parking, we have the problem of all-day and all-night parking five days a week. That's what it's like in the university area. Queens Elms provides approximately 60 spaces for some 2,000 students. They then rely on surrounding streets to absorb the rest.

The university has adopted this policy on purpose, they say, to discourage students bringing cars with them. Yet they advise visitors to park in the surrounding streets as no provision is made for them either.

That is not the end of our problems. Students leave behind fast-food packaging, empty bottles and all sorts of litter and debris.

The road can only be swept at the weekend when the cars have gone. I assume that this involves the workers being paid premium rates, so the ratepayer gets penalised again. It is little wonder that my rates are more than £2,500-per-annum.

There is also the problem at night of noise, engines revving and occasional hand-brake turns.

These problems have been made known to the university and to the planners, however no relief is in sight. Indeed, under current plans I expect to see the situation get worse rather than ease.

If I lived, or had a business, in the Cathedral Quarter, considering the current expansion of the University of Ulster in that area, I would be worried, very worried.