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Traffic wardens should be able to help police

Councillor Alan Chambers (Write Back, January 19) commented upon the chaos created by an incident at the flyover near Holywood and the fact that police did not have any other plan at hand to deal with the traffic. I totally agree with him.

I must ask the question: What exactly do traffic attendants do - apart from dishing out tickets? Prior to the introduction of the 'redcoats', traffic wardens were under the direct control of the Chief Constable.

In addition to dealing mostly with parking offences, they could direct traffic.

Traffic wardens were the additional eyes and ears of the police and a useful tool on parade days and during the Belfast Marathon.

Many police officers are tied up needlessly on such days as traffic attendants cannot fill the breach.

The usefulness of today's traffic attendants needs to be re-appraised. They should be trained to a standard similar at least to the old traffic warden and, when an incident like the above occurs, they can be there to support the police, advise and re-direct motorists as necessary.


Newtownards, Co Down


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