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Tragic tale highlights health service deficiencies

I'M writing to point out that there hasn't just been a crisis in our health service recently – it's been in crisis for at least a year-and-a-half.

I'd like to let people know of a personal experience of this and how they failed my friend.

From July 2013 until January this year, my friend was running back and forward to her doctor and was also in hospital five times.

They told her in August that she had pneumonia and give her one antibiotic after another to no avail. She continued getting worse instead of better, but still they insisted it was pneumonia.

Until, finally, at the end of January, they realised too late that a CT scan was needed, which proved that not only had she cancer in her lung, but also the bones. With nothing they could do, she died six weeks later. I know, unfortunately, the outcome would've been the same, but I feel if a proper CT scan had been carried out sooner, the poor woman could have at least enjoyed more quality time with her family and friends with less pain and suffering.

I don't blame the doctors, who unfortunately are run by these so-called managers, but I wouldn't call it managing – I'd call it total neglect. As long as their targets are met and their boxes ticked, it doesn't matter about the patients.

They said they knew her history. If they'd read through it properly, they would've known she'd had cancer before and maybe found it sooner.


Bangor, Co Down

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