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Tragically slain soldier was not defusing bomb

In your article concerning the upset of Ranger McCormick's mother at the Army's failure to award her son some sort of award (News, October 4), you stated that he was killed while defusing an IED. This is incorrect.

Ranger McCormick was verifying the presence of an IED due to getting a signal from his mine-detector. This is standard procedure before calling the bomb-disposal teams as anything metal can give a reading.

Soldiers of the RIR are not trained, or qualified, to defuse bombs. Ranger McCormick was doing his job that day, as his comrades were doing theirs.

Unfortunately, while on the ground, he contacted the undetected pressure-plate and ignited the device. Such are the fortunes of war.

All those men there at the time were doing their duty bravely, each doing his allocated task. That is the way that it's done.


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