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Translink bans pro-Army wristbands

Absolutely disgraceful decision from Translink. The Royal Irish and Irish Guards are made up of men and women of all faiths and from both sides of the border.


Well done, Translink. Does this mean you are going to ban your customers, too, if they are sporting the same bands? Perhaps we should all be asked to pull our sleeves up when boarding. Why not take it a step further and refuse to carry passengers sporting RNLI, Guide Dogs for the Blind and NSPCC stickers? Then we can rest assured no-one will be offended.

Bilbo Boggins

Shades of over-reaction by Translink, methinks. An intrusive and heavy-handed decision. Have they banned the wearing of a pink wrist-band worn in support of Breast Cancer Research? Mr Allister's interference in this issue does not help. It has only inflamed our entrenched political divisions and has brought out the predictable nationalist/unionist comments which are totally unhelpful to a noble, cash-raising cause.


Yes, they have banned the wearing of a pink wristband in support of Breast Cancer Research. They've banned all badges and emblems other than their uniforms, which they pay people to wear. This isn't specifically targeted . It's a complete ban on everything.

Cock 'n' Hens

Just wait. They'll probably also ban the wearing of Poppies. Shame on them.

Big Lad

The transport company, which runs Northern Ireland Railways, Ulsterbus and Metro services, said the move is designed to create a "neutral" working environment. Let's all be 'neutral' in the workplace, then. Neutral thoughts, words, clothes, hairstyle, cars, furniture, offices - all painted the same grey, grey, grey.

TJ McClean

Well done, Translink. The correct decision.

An Dun

Is anyone really going to feel 'ill at ease' over a silicone wristband?



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