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Translink needs flexibility over its Derry trains

The Londonderry train service will be opening soon and, to date, commuters travelling on this route have not been consulted about the timetable regarding evening services to Londonderry.

We have been flexible with Translink when we agreed to the 7.13am service from Londonderry – even though this means we wait for 20 minutes for the Belfast train at Coleraine.

Translink has offered two evening services to Londonderry, leaving Coleraine at 16.43pm and 18.43pm. If we want home between these times, we will need to take the 17.37pm by bus and will have to pay extra for this linked service.

Staff at Coleraine University, office workers, or shop staff, cannot be finished work to catch the 16.43pm service.

Why is it impossible to give us a train leaving Coleraine between 17.30pm and 18.00pm? It has been done before.

Everything in Coleraine closes at 17.30pm. This means commuters to Londonderry will have to wait around for more than an hour until the 18.43pm train.

If Translink wants customers to come back, they will need to provide a timetable to suit them.


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