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Translink needs to get service on track

Our celebrations about the passing loop at Bellarena are somewhat premature, because the trains have been chaotic since it opened.

Passengers are facing delays regularly from Belfast to Coleraine and Londonderry. I took the Belfast train from Ballymoney at 5.38pm (this was eight minutes late). The train arrived in Coleraine at 5.50pm, with myself and other passengers left stranded, because the Londonderry train had gone on at 5.43pm.

The next train was the 6.40pm to Londonderry. Unfortunately, this train was 40 minutes late.

We left Coleraine at 7.50pm and arrived in Londonderry at 8.30pm. It arrived almost three hours late.

Either Translink sorts this out or gives train users coming from Belfast more time to get the Londonderry train. Even if we are on time, we are only allowed three minutes to catch the Londonderry train by crossing over to the other platform. This is unrealistic for the elderly and disabled.

It seems that "progress" is one step forward, two steps back.



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