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Translink refunds offer a fair deal

I am happy to explain why we have introduced the new 'delay - repay' refund scheme on our rail services (Write Back, March 20).

Quite simply, it is fairer and simpler than the old refund system which was complex and treated different ticket holders differently.

It is the right thing to do - we refund passengers when our services are late and it is our fault.

We save money by making sure our services run on time. 'Delay€repay' refunds individual journeys that are late and not journeys that a passenger intended connecting with which may run on time.

Most of our Larne rail services operate to Belfast Central Station as there is not the capacity to run all services from all lines to and from Great Victoria Street Station.

However, there are frequent connections between Central and GVS.

The older trains used on the Larne line are currently being replaced. The recent budget provided funding to replace 13 older trains with 20 new ones. The procurement has begun and the first of this new order is due to enter passenger service in 2011.

This will continue the already impressive growth in passengers using the Larne rail line and the railway generally.

Should anyone want a say in the design of the new trains, take look at and tell us what you think.



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