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Translink service indeed a 'joke'

I AM writing in response to the letter 'Titanic Quarter bus service is not a service, it's a joke' (Write Back, December 21). I, too, work in Titanic Quarter and I have had a number of similar experiences.

Once, I was waiting on a bus in the rain for more than 20 minutes and still it did not come. I began to walk because I had to be somewhere and I walked the route the bus would have taken, just like your correspondent, and in the 30-minute walk there was still no sign of the bus.

Another time, a colleague and I went to get the bus on a Friday. Unsurprisingly, it didn't arrive. After waiting for 20 minutes, we were about to order a taxi, when to our surprise, a bus came, but it drove on without stopping.

I have phoned Translink a number of times complaining about this and they have taken my name and number, but I have still had no response about this.

I have been told many times by different people that they have had similar experiences.


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