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Translink's bus service would drive you mad

Recently I flew from Dublin airport to Germany on business. On return, I got a bus to Sprucefield - with some difficulty.

While I had no problem going down via Bus Eireann, I did experience problems with their counterpart here.

Here is a list of things which Translink needs to address:

1. Buses which do not follow the timetables

2. Drivers who do not offer to assist with luggage

3. Double-deckers that do not have low-loading, so it is difficult to store luggage without breaking your back

4. Uncomfortable and crowded buses.

Why can't Translink buy buses which actually have shock absorbers? Bus Eireann's are miles better - so too, was the air coach (now no longer running).

Really, the transport to Belfast from Dublin airport is dire.


Dromore, Co Down