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Transphobic and gay abuse must cease in 2016

ONE read with interest and much concern Angela Rainey's article in your sister newspaper Sunday Life concerning the transphobic abuse suffered by my good friends Adrianne and Paul Elson.

It must be hard enough for any transgendered person to grow up feeling trapped in a body they feel does not belong to them and biologically born into a gender with which they do not identify, without having to suffer additional physical, psychological and verbal abuse from others who are blighted by their own prejudice and misunderstanding.

As the new year gets under way, it is my solemn prayer - as a gay man - that homophobic and transphobic abuse will cease forthwith and that the rights and liberties of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender family will be accepted and respected on equal terms to those who persue an alternative (ie heterosexual) lifestyle.


Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent

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