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Transport links from ferry a let-down for tourists

I frequently travel to Belfast to visit family and to shop in the city centre. Arriving into Belfast by boat always impresses me, with the cranes of Harland and Wolff and the dome of Belfast City Hall laid out ahead of the port.

Belfast, like the new Stena ferries and terminal facilities, is excellent and well worth the trip. However, could someone sort out the transport arrangements to get people to and from the ferry terminal and Belfast city centre?

At the moment, many of the ferries are not met by any bus or coach service. Where is the joined-up transport service from mainline bus and rail to the province's principal ferry operator?

The lack of any transport results in many tourists being funnelled towards taxis, which are doing a roaring trade.

The taxi-drivers jostle for business at the door of the terminal - it's disconcerting.

I know that this Olympic year is an important one for tourism, with the Titanic centenary and the new Causeway visitor centre opening. I hope many tourists come and spend their money and generate much-needed jobs.

The Northern Ireland Tourist Board should have a representative at the terminal, or, better still, on the boat to answer questions and book accommodation, thereby keeping visitors in the province by showing them what is available.

Stena, working with Translink, could organise chargeable transport from the ferry terminal to the city centre. They should do it now.


Glenapp, Ayrshire


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