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Travelling costs in Ulster just a drain on us all

Is THERE no end to the extortionate charges being made on the travelling public?

I received details recently of an offer by a ferry company operating on the Dover-Calais route for a return journey by car with up to nine adults for £39 for a two-day trip and £49 for a five-day trip.

Set against these charges, the £250-plus I paid in May for my car and two adults to travel Belfast-Stranraer return smells strongly of robbery on the high seas.

While on the subject of the hard-pressed travelling public, what shall we say of the drop-off/pick-up charge at Belfast International airport?

Last week I had to drop off my daughter and her family. For this 'facility' I had to pay £1.

It would be interesting to know what princely sums have been made in the last financial year by this further act of extortion.


Coleraine, Co Londonderry


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