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Treasury money move lacks any sort of integrity

The decision by the UK Treasury to claw back over £300m of money allocated to but not actually spent by various Northern Ireland government departments is totally lacking in integrity.

At a time when the UK continues to pour £48m daily into the financially corrupt black hole that is the European Union, it is both mean and dishonourable for the prudence of the UK citizens and officials in Northern Ireland to be penalised in this way, particularly in the field of education which will bear the largest hit.

This money-grabbing exercise by Westminster stands in sharp contrast to the incredible haste with which they rushed to the aid of the Republic of Ireland by providing billions of aid to prop up their economy through a direct loan and a loan via the European Union stabilisation mechanism.

I hope voters in Northern Ireland will keep the memory of this decision in mind in May when Ulster Unionists, who continue to trumpet having a special relationship with the Conservatives, come looking for votes.

Cecil Andrews,

UKIP (NI) Strangford Assembly Candidate


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