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Treat the BNP with contempt they deserve

Last Friday evening, in east Belfast, the BNP held its latest official meeting in Northern Ireland. The assembled group, numbering about two dozen, met in a small room guarded by a large man dressed in black.

The BNP has decided to field candidates in Northern Ireland for the coming elections; their success or otherwise will tell us a great deal about the kind of society we are.

While politics in Ulster has never been 'mainstream', in the conventional UK sense, the electoral oblivion that greeted the National Front in the 1970s is proof that Northern Ireland has never seen such parties as worthy of electing.

Any party which attempts to boil down all of a country's problems to immigration specifically, and foreigners in general, is simply attempting to use fear to blind people to the real economic and social reasons for unemployment and deprivation.

I hope that the Northern Ireland electorate will treat this odious party with the contempt it deserves.


Candidate, East Belfast

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