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Trimble not worried by Britain ruling Irish

Lord David Trimble (Nov 30) stated: "The Belfast Agreement recognises British sovereignty in Northern Ireland and recognises NI as part of the UK."

There is more to it than that. In his opus The Foundation of Northern Ireland, Trimble stated there were two Irelands, which had each exercised their right to self-determination in different and irreconcilable ways.

The same two national groups exist in Northern Ireland, but here the British are the majority and the Irish are the minority.

A British majority, of course, changes the rules. Instead of equal self-determination, there is British sovereignty over NI in its entirety, meaning British sovereignty over Irish people as well as unionists.

To quote Lord Trimble: "Once it begins to dawn on the unionist electorate that the Irish government is trying to break up the UK then we are into very dangerous territory indeed."

British sovereignty over Irish people since partition hasn't bothered Lord Trimble or the unionist electorate.

Malachy Scott

Belfast 15

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