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Triple-jobbing ministers must set the example

Councillor Angus Carson (Writeback, November 5) had a lot to say about the DUP; in particular, Mr and Mrs Robinson.

I agree with him that the tax- paying public have a right to hold our elected representatives to account. In fact if he listened to Peter Robinson in the House of Commons yesterday he would have heard him support the recommendations of the Kelly report and if he had listened to him earlier this year when the whole expenses story broke he would have heard him say that the DUP supports public accountability.

Since we are looking for full disclosure in the interests of accountability perhaps Cllr Carson will see that his colleague, former MP for Strangford, John Taylor (now Lord Kilclooney) publishes his expenses from his time as an MP, along with the rest of the former Ulster Unionist Parliamentary team? Furthermore, the UUP did not have an issue with double-jobbing until recently, when they lost considerable support and were punished at the polls - leaving them with one MP.

The reason they don't have MP's and MLA's is down to the public, who voted them out of office. However I would draw his attention to the number of MLA's who are also Councillors. Will the UUP be phasing this practice out? Indeed the UUP's two Ministers hold three jobs: Ministers, MLAs and Belfast City Councillors.

It is unfair that the UUP (now UCUNF) can criticise the DUP when they didn't do anything different! I call on the UUP to be honest with the public. Actions speak louder than words.




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