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Trocaire helps people who are in greatest need

In response to Kevin Myers (Comment, March 31), I would like to clarify the work Trocaire was set up to do.

We support people in greatest need in the developing world. We do this through long-term development projects and providing relief during emergencies.

At home, we work to raise awareness among the public about the causes of poverty and injustice and our responsibility as Christians to try to bring about structural change.

To illustrate this, our Lenten campaign this year focuses on one of the main causes of poverty: the lack of access people have to resources such as land.

Through our work with poor, landless communities in Honduras, we have helped more than 60,000 families get legal land title.

Poor people don't have many choices in their struggle to survive.

For women and girls, too often the choice they are forced to make to support their families is to trade sex for food.

The UN reports that across the world, more than one million children enter the sex trade every year. Trocaire has seen how poverty and violence affect women more deeply than men.

It is for this reason that Trocaire works to ensure that women's rights and dignity are protected.

The realities of life for people in the developing world are of great concern to the Church.

In taking up this issue, Trocaire is remaining faithful to, and promoting, the gospel.


Trocaire, Belfast


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