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True price of budget flights

I would like to draw the attention of easyJet customers to the £10 cashback on further flights which is offered at the end of booking a flight online.

I signed up for this and, as I booked another flight last week, I investigated my £10.

Unfortunately, it was out of date, but when I tried to contact customer services at Shopper Discounts and rewards, I had some difficulty, so I put the name onto the website and was astonished at the number of complaints. Hundreds of letters appeared.

The main problem being that £8 was being taken from people's accounts without their knowledge and their credit card details had been passed over from easyJet.

Immediately, checked my bank statement and, lo and behold, (I booked my flight on March 5) on April 10, May 7 and June 10, £8 had been taken from my account. I would just like to draw this to people's attention because, like me, not everyone takes the time and trouble to always check their statements.

There is a phone number (0808 234 1539) to ring to cancel this and, if you are lucky, get back any money taken from your bank account.

Caroline Simmonds


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