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Trump can no longer rely on UK support


The UK is the only EU country that acted with decorum to the election of President Trump as per international norms.

This gives Her Majesty’s government a fortuitous bargaining chip. Unless the specious claims on (Bombardier) subsidies are dropped, the Trump administration may well not be given the solidarity by its closest ally when the chips are down on future occasions. The much-protected Boeing was not even a ‘rider’ in the Delta contracts.

Also, the UK might like to consider withdrawing the F35 contracts for the aircraft carriers and going for a maritimised version of the Eurofighter. There needs to be full unity between trade unions and business on this issue. It’s not just about the 5,000 jobs in Northern Ireland but supply chains across rest of the United Kingdom. And these include retail jobs.

There needs to be solidarity on this issue. The alternative is loss of jobs, humiliation and a feeling of being just walked over.

John Barstow


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