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Trump is a fascist by any other name, and his campaign was a taste of darker things to come

The election of Donald Trump left me stunned. I could not believe that the American people would elect an ignorant, tax-dodging, misogynistic racist, a man who threatened to call the election "rigged" if he lost, blindly risking nightmarish disorder.

He has made an assault on liberal democracy, civil liberties and all manner of civil decencies, which are known to him as political correctness.

Trump used a billion-dollar loss of borrowed money and four corporate bankruptcies to build a global brand and avoid paying personal income taxes for nearly two decades. He has additionally promised to go after the women who claimed he sexually assaulted them, slash taxes, especially for the super-rich, abolish Obama's healthcare programme, leaving 24 million people without medical cover, and slash government programmes for the poor and unemployed.

The breakdown of voters makes interesting reading: 52% of Catholics voted Trump after he lambasted the Pope; 81% of those who identified as white evangelical/white born-again Christian supported Trump.

Here we have it: people who find couples in a loving, same-sex relationship disgusting, sinful and an abomination. Yet when it's a man who boasts about groping women, they vote for him. What hypocrisy.

The US has elevated to its highest office a fascist by any other name and it's going to be terrifying.

In 1933, Hitler was elected Germany's chancellor. Let's hope history is not repeating itself.


Bangor, Co Down

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