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Trump progress a message to the Establishment

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump has won the latest primary in South Carolina with more than 32% of the vote. This follows a similar win in New Hampshire just over a week ago.

Voting statistics have shown that no Republican has gone on to become the eventual Presidential nominee without winning in either of these key states.

The big problem for the Republican party is that Donald Trump is not from the political Establishment and this is his first time running for any political office.

There is fear in that Establishment that he will win the nomination and every effort is being put in place to ensure he doesn't win.

The worry for those in the Republican party is that Donald Trump is a straight-talker. His message is not politically correct, he has no political spin, and he says things in a manner which ordinary voters can relate to.

There is no guarantee that Donald Trump will win the Republican party nomination, or indeed become President. But his success thus far is because a large section of American voters of all backgrounds are angry and tired with their present political leaders and want change.

Many in Northern Ireland would agree with this when we look at the folks on the Hill who govern us.


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