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Trump will make the US a laughing stock

We all remember John McEnroe shouting "You cannot be serious" at tennis umpires. Well, if he had a worldwide copyright on those words today at £1 per utterance, he would become at least a billionaire over the next few months.

Donald Trump for President of the United States? You cannot be serious. I'm amazed that he was even allowed to join the party - let alone become their Republican-nominated candidate.

Trump has no experience of government or grasp of diplomacy whatsoever, and he is nothing more than a loud, rude showman who will, should he win, make America an international laughing stock.

"I will make America great again," he says. Well, guess what? America is already great - albeit a tad less so since Mr Trump showed up.

I expect the comedy aspect would be great fun, though. Can you imagine the world's presidents and prime ministers with contorted faces trying to bite their bottom lip when in conference with the so-called "leader of the Western and free world"? Predominately educated, experienced, respected and intelligent people having to bite the bullet and pay homage to another ill-chosen American presidential disaster.

Barack Obama is intelligent, articulate, considered, statesmanlike, steady and will doubtless be sorely missed. Hillary Clinton has to be the only real plausible choice - unless the whole process is abandoned and started again from scratch.


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