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Trump’s opponents making him a martyr

It is doubtful if Donald Trump’s strategists could have planned a more successful beginning to his reign as US President than the liberally obsessed judicial system has gifted him. They have, in three weeks, made him a martyr.

By thwarting what appears a very emotive homeland protection measure, they reinforce his supporters and more than likely add substantially to their number.

If any terrorist action takes place in the US, which can be blamed on insufficient border controls, the judiciary will be looked on as having aided terrorists and betrayed the US public.

Frenzied rejection of the democratic system by liberal opponents is extraordinarily dangerous, stupid and shortsighted.

Instead of weakening Mr Trump, they strengthen him and, if anything should go wrong on the terrorist front, they could alienate the vast majority of US citizens from the Left and even from the rule of law and drive US politics to much further extremes.

Mr Trump appears to be very fortunate in his political enemies; he must be toasting their glorious ineptitude in the Oval Office.


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