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Trump's promises now need to be honoured

Certain people in America and a lot closer to home seriously need to calm down about the election of Donald Trump as the next president of the United States.

While he may be accused with some justification of being racist, a homophobe and insulting to minorities such as people with disabilities, many people forget the fact that of the two main contenders in this election, he was the only candidate to reach out and connect with another minority: older, white, working-class and rural people.

In Hillary Clinton's speech, she said "we have seen our nation is more deeply divided than we thought". She admits she was completely out of touch with millions of Americans.

All countries have class divisions and at times of economic hardship these divisions are amplified. In a reflection of what happened with Brexit, a swathe of people who felt neglected by an elite establishment were mobilised and inspired by someone who most in this establishment despised. This actually increased his appeal to disaffected people.

Rather than bemoaning the election of Mr Trump, we should welcome this fact. Unless we at least acknowledge the ills of a society, we don't stand any chance of rectifying them.

Many people who voted for Mr Trump are understandably buoyed by his win. Mr Trump has to honour at least some of his promises toward them. In doing so, he will help to create a more equitable society, a society that benefits everyone more.


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