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Trump's success a democratic revolt

The hysterical reaction by the out-of-touch media to Donald Trump's election is disturbing and amusing in equal measure.

These detached elites and journalists believe they speak for the people, but in reality they only speak for themselves.

The smug media and their acolytes in governments all over the world attempt to demean and belittle the will of the people by branding anything that isn't to their liking as populist, racist, or uneducated.

What these elites need to acknowledge is that this isn't a populist revolt; this is a democratic revolt against a social engineering project that seeks to eliminate nation states.

The desire to eliminate nation states via mass immigration is dangerous, utopian, pie-in-the-sky nonsense that is doomed to end in failure.

It's rather ironic that, if the people were voting the way these elites wanted, they would be calling it "democracy at work" and "the will of the people".

However, the fact is that the people are no longer willing to toe the line, so these elites attempt to disparage the result by insulting and denigrating the citizens.

I believe that the people of the world should be celebrating their differences - not being browbeaten into being ashamed of them.


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