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Trust choice an appalling boon for Creationists

I am appalled to learn that the National Trust has fallen for the approaches of young earth creationist group the Caleb Foundation, and has given credence to their unfortunate views at the new Causeway visitor centre.

Why on earth has the National Trust allowed the discredited beliefs of a fundamentalist politico-religious group to stain the integrity of the exhibition?

Surely they must have known that highlighting this narrow, eccentric view would only cause resentment? Are they not aware of the negative agenda that the Caleb Foundation has towards science?

I am shocked that a respected organisation like the National Trust has given this organisation some semblance of credibility.

The decision marks a boon for creationists - and one that wiser heads at the Ulster Museum refused to roll over and give them just a couple of years ago.

The Trust should now repair the damage and remove this offensive exhibit.



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