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Try something new, Sainsbury's

I feel very strongly about Sainsbury's new online shopping service.

I went through the whole process of setting up an account and preparing my first shop - this takes approximately two hours for an initial shop.

Awaiting delivery as promised and confirmed between 3-4pm, I was informed via my mobile at 4.15pm that they had a problem with my Maestro card and that it could not be processed for payment as they do not have the 'software' that enables them to accept Bank of Ireland or Ulster Bank cards.

This is a problem they hope to resolve soon but in the meantime my order was cancelled!

Desperation kicked in at that point as it was my birthday and we had planned a family night in for dinner and without the ingredients I was really going to be scuppered.

I made a suggestion that I could call at the store to collect and pay as normal at the checkout as they had informed me that the only technical problems they were experiencing at present were with their online payment systems.

They ensured me they would phone back by, at the latest, 5.15pm but at 5.55pm my mobile rang again and they apologised for the delay but told me that my shopping was now due for collection from the store.

However, they said all of the items would need to be scanned and put through the checkout as normal and then payment by Bank of Ireland Maestro taken at the end.

By this stage, though, it was too late to cook up the huge roast beef dinner that I had planned for the family.

Then the caller informed me that I would have to travel to Sprucefield to collect my shopping.

I live half a mile from Forestside and I cannot repeat the next few words I muttered.

Sainsbury's should have something in their system to prevent orders going through from Bank of Ireland/Ulster Bank customers as it wasting everyone's time.

Even their own customer services people are frustrated with calls from irate customers like myself who are dependant on an order, so much so that it was they who suggested I complain to Sainsbury's direct and also to the Press!

I am now a new Tesco online customer!

June Wilson, Belfast

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