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Turn marching season into a Rio carnival

I WELCOME the Orange Order's initiative to reinvent July parades as Orangefest, based on the Brazilian carnival model.

Why not pursue this further and build a sambodromo for parading, just like in Rio.

This is a 1km-long arena, along which the bands parade (or samba).

Spectators and revellers watch from huge, bunting-festooned grandstands lining both sides of the avenue. Think Garvaghy Road with grandstands.

If we get this weather every July, maybe we could invite some of those attractive Brazilian girls now living here to join in, dressed in their carnival costumes.

No need for contentious parades in dull, inner-city locations, with uninterested bystanders getting in the way all the time.

They could even build it at the Maze to allow easy access from all parts – even the Republic.


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