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Turning a blind eye to the past hurts our future

I FOUND the comments of Malachi O'Doherty (Comment, August 5) on self-awareness interesting and his report that Arlene Foster seemed shocked that someone would suggest she was associated with a body spewing hatred.

I find it difficult to believe that Arlene Foster was unaware of such a meta-perspective.

Building a genuine shared future will not work, where there are attempts to turn blind eyes to behaviour that wronged people past and present.

People from different communities hold their own perspectives of fair play, but when Government seeks to satisfy one and not the other, such as in public inquiries and the solving of terrorist crimes, it calls into question the principles used to govern.

Communities who feel they are largely ignored sense that their personal principles of 'fair play' are sacrificed to suit the larger agenda of keeping as many in Government as possible – even if it means turning a blind eye.


Coleraine Borough Council

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