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TUV have nothing constructive to offer unionism

Over recent days the hysterical outbursts of the TUV have reached new heights of absurdity, culminating in an appearance by Jim Allister on BBC's Spotlight programme in which he warned of the 'ticking future staging post'. contained in the Hillsborough Agreement. Clearly, Mr Allister needs to calm down a little.

While the TUV engages in ever more outlandish claims concerning recent political developments, people would do well to remember their previous propensity for getting things wrong.

The TUV claimed Martin McGuinness would be appointing judges which has proved untrue. They claimed we were going to have all-Ireland policing established. That also is untrue. They told us the financial package secured would have to be paid back. That is untrue.

In fact, on every single claim that the TUV made about policing and justice issues they have been proven wrong. Why should we believe them now?

The reality is that the TUV is nothing but a destructive force within unionism, attacking other unionists.

How often have our TV screens been filled with images of a snarling TUV representative screaming abuse at the top of their voice at other unionists?

At a time when other unionists are looking to come together, what does TUV do? Oppose such moves and heap abuse on both unionist parties. It seems that the main purpose of the TUV is seeking to sow division, undermine our confidence and defeat unionist efforts to defend Northern Ireland's place inside the United Kingdom.




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