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TUV MP is the best choice for South Antrim

David Cather (Write Back, March 16) believes that it is possible to be sick to one's stomach at Sinn Fein/IRA being in Government while at the same time being instrumental in republicans obtaining that position. It seems, therefore, that the DUP likes self-inflicted nausea.

Mr Cather offers no explanation for why the voting record of double-jobber Rev William McCrea is so poor - even though this was a major issue highlighted in the statement in which I announced my candidacy and which Mr Cather found so objectionable.

As this matter has also been sidestepped by Rev McCrea himself, perhaps Mr Cather could explain why Rev McCrea missed 53% of the votes in the last Parliament - including votes on the Sexual Orientation Regulations which restricted religious liberty and a free speech amendment to 'homophobic hatred' legislation.

Mr Cather claims TUV offers no alternative while ignoring the fact that TUV have repeatedly set out how Northern Ireland, as part of the UK, should have the same form of devolution a Scotland and Wales.

It is high time that South Antrim had a full-time MP to give them effective representation.


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