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TUV offers criticism but not alternative course

The TUV candidate for South Antrim, Mel Lucas, has launched the sort of attack on Willie McCrea that really doesn't get any of us anywhere.

Mr Lucas quotes back Willie McCrea's statement in 2007 that the idea of Sinn Fein being in government made him sick to the pit of his stomach, as if this undermines the current, principled position of Rev McCrea and the DUP in taking the fight to Sinn Fein in the Assembly.

Sinn Fein in government made McCrea's stomach sick in 2007. I'm sure it still does today; I am equally disgusted. We all know who and what Sinn Fein are, but faced with the choice of allowing a weak British Government to continue to pour out concessions on Sinn Fein, the DUP chose to take the difficult path of devolving government to Northern Ireland where we could stop Sinn Fein in their tracks.

Faced with the unpalatable choice, we had enough stomach for the fight. Mr Lucas ran from the fight to a more comfortable position by the sidelines. He is full of criticism, but doesn't offer any alternative to the difficult, but necessary path taken by the DUP. The electorate of South Antrim have a clear choice at least.



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