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TUV serves Sinn Fein's agenda

Divided unionism is defeated unionism. More and more people in the unionist community are recognising that reality.

Accordingly, the existence of the TUV and fragmenting of unionism is an essential component of the Sinn Fein agenda.

The TUV wants to drag unionism to direct rule, which Jim Allister once called 'Dublin rule'. They are assisting Sinn Fein with their attacks on unionists.

Eamonn Mallie, the veteran political correspondent, put it best this week when talking about how a fragmented Unionism suits Sinn Fein. He said: " . . . a blind man or woman on a galloping horse can see at the heart of their [Sinn Fein] 'project' is the fragmentation of unionism. That project is currently on-track, aided by Jim Allister of the TUV. That is his prerogative". (Slugger O'Toole website, March 15).

Mallie can see what more and more unionists can see. Jim Allister is serving a Sinn Fein agenda by splitting unionism.

The TUV is the best thing that's happened to Sinn Fein in years.

Fragmentation and division will drag unionism back to direct rule and irrelevance. Division, fragmentation, direct rule and irrelevance: that is all Jim Allister has to offer.

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