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Tweet storm DUP man remains defiant

And the DUP wants to attract the votes of the Catholic community. How is he expected to represent all the voters?? I feel the old rearguard of the DUP remains intact. Wolves in sheep's clothing, I think.


I am now an ex-DUP voter.

Not Conned

Oh dear. Have they just lost their one Catholic voter?

Big Chief Ally

Not very neighbourly.


It seems some of McCrea's constituents are not acceptable to him. We wait for Robbo to dissociate himself from these comments.


I think Ian McCrea is in the wrong party. Didn't he get the brief from his leader that the DUP were now going to be attracting the Catholic vote? Maybe Ian would be better off in a party with a leader with similar views on the GAA. Ian, I would like to introduce you to Tom.


Ian McCrea, you do really need to go and get yourself a life. The DUP talk of securing the Union. If they were to put real effort into inclusive politics, the set-up we have now could last long into the future. The tribal mindset of the likes of McCrea drive the electorate away and damage the present set-up in Northern Ireland.


How in God's name did this guy get elected? If this is the standard of unionist representation, it's no wonder Protestants aren't voting. It's an embarrassment.


This is a truly pathetic story. How can this man be an elected representative? I hope Tyrone get their act together and go on and win Sam. How long has it been since we had a GAA/PSNI guard of honour at a funeral?


So much for Stormont trying to bring the people of Northern Ireland together.

Tulsa Kid


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