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Twelfth fears over Ardoyne stalemate

So here it is again – the annual Orangefest, the so-called 'cultural' festival in which bitter politics and religious fundamentalism corrupt and disfigure any cultural beauty that ever was part of this festival. The sound of the pipe, the thud of the lambeg, the sight of Highland dancers all rendered a sideshow to what is ultimately a historical hate-fest. Ulster-Scots culture must divorce itself from Orangeism, which has fed off it to churn out its bitter sectarian message for years.


Nallyterrace: What complete and absolute drivel. You completely fail to comprehend the reality of the situation. Don't worry about the Ulster-Scots culture.


Eastant: I don't care if you're a Protestant, or if you're a unionist. But it is very difficult to respect the 'culture' of Orangeism when I, having done absolutely nothing to offend, or harm, my Protestant neighbours, have to drive past a bonfire covered with my flag, or the flags and jerseys of my local GAA club. Orangeism has turned Ulster-Scots culture into a Right-wing religio-fundamentalist farce.


Is 'Protestantism' and 'Protestant' to be defined by what they are not? In which case, as a non-Catholic, I really have no wish to be called 'Protestant', since I'm not protesting against anything. Now there are, of course, things I might not agree with within Catholicism, but so what? We are all free to live our faith (or none) as we feel we must. But where I get really confused is when someone talks about 'Protestant culture'. What is that? Is it something all 'Protestants' share?


The Twelfth has absolutely nothing to do with Scottish heritage, or Scots culture. Scots don't need the Orange Order. The Orange Order needs the Scots.

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