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Twisted morals in Claudy case

Once again, in the Father Chesney case, we see how men of ‘authority’ twisted and distorted morality during the Troubles.

A priest of the Christian Gospel, who ministered to children, assisted in the blowing up of an eight-year-old girl and other innocents. And what about the others who let him literally get away with murder?

Your columnists Malachi ODoherty and Eamonn McCann seem to imply that in this case church and state had no alternative. But they did, and they should have done.

For a start, if loyalists were aware of the suspicions that Fr Chesney was involved, this would not only have confirmed their anti-Catholic bigotry to them, but it could also be used to justify their existence and their killing, since the state was not doing its job of protecting innocent citizens and punishing the guilty, but implicitly colluding in the notion that a priest was above the law.

As for the IRA itself, if priests were actively involved in bombing or supporting the campaign, and they were not ‘punished’, then they may have reasoned that perhaps the Church secretly approved of it.


Editor, Humanism Ireland

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