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Two cheerleaders for Israel with little grasp of history

IN response to Martin D Stern and William Humphrey's letters (Write Back, January 20), both are well-aware of Palestinian history and the actions of British there, hence I pose this scenario: how do you think you would react if, say, a well-armed group came across East Lancashire (or, in William's case, the Irish Sea) and forcibly evicted you and your friends and then moved in their friends, who proceeded to cocoon you and your friends and family in the corner of your original garden, restricting your water, food and medical supplies and informing you that you are now stateless, with no escape by land, sea, or air?

And, to add insult to injury and death, when the invaders have used up all your lands then move into your restricted space, demolish your humble residence and dig up your vegetable patches to make room for more homes for their chosen friends?

I ask you, William and Martin, what do you think your reaction might be (I await your reply)?

Do you not think you just might pick up a weapon and have a go at repelling your tormentors and jailers (I know I would)? Finally, can you think of any reason why the Palestinians (with your vast knowledge of Israeli/Palestinian history) would have feelings of ill-will towards those now residing in their former country, homes and lands?


Banbridge, Co Down

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