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Two Greenwich time signals?

On my side of the bed I have an old analogue radio, and my wife has a digital on her side.

These are used independently as required and overlap only briefly as one is tuned out, and the other turned on. There is, for some reason, a delay between the two received signals, with the analogue in the lead followed approximately six seconds later by the digital.

I was surprised to discover that the time pips follow the same pattern, so there are two Greenwich time signals, one six seconds after the other. Which is correct?

I imagine it would be analogue time, because it was established earlier, but with that system due to be phased out, adjustments will clearly have to be made.

I would be interested to know whether any important deadlines have been missed (or hostilities declared?) because of this lack of standardisation.

Grierson Gower,

Bath, Somerset

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