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Uber taxi app set to shake up the Belfast cab trade

I use Uber in London and, while it's cheaper than getting a black cab, it's not without its risks. For example, one of the drivers told me that there is no check on anyone who signs up to be a standard Uber taxi.

Laura Astrid Thomson

They are here in Australia, too. Our cabbies work long hours to make a living. These Johnny-come-latelys are taking work away from them.

Irene Boyd

Taxi services in Belfast can't cope at weekends. Licensing rules dont help and create a high-demand, low-supply situation every weekend.

Derek Johnston

It's about time, too. It's a nightmare getting a taxi after a night out in Belfast.

Gemma Ashe

Risky buisness trying to "shake up Belfast cabbies". I think Uber is great, though, at least here in Stockholm.

Joe Slevin

I used Uber in LA last week. Cannot wait for them to branch out into Belfast. Cheap fares, free gum and auxiliary leads and no bickering with the driver about payment whatsover. An all-round much more pleasant experience than most taxis. What more could you ask for?

Matt Good

A bit of competition can't be bad for any city or industry. Used Uber in Chicago recently - absolutely brilliant. It was so convenient. You can see from your phone where the nearest taxi is from you, you pay it in advance through your app, it picks you up. Just so Simple.

Tony Riccardi

Can't see how Belfast could be improved. Taxis here are as good - maybe better - than anywhere else I know of and are reasonably priced. We don't need them.

Charles FitzGerald

Used them in London and it's a brilliant service. Half the price of normal taxis.

William McCahon

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