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UCUNF alliance will lower expectations, not tax

In his article (March 11) Mark Cosgrove makes a number of assertions regarding his party, the Conservatives, and their plans for the province.

The article states the UCUNF pact would be good for the Union and help the province's economy.

I wonder how it is good for the Union when the Conservative party continues to disregard the will of the majority in Northern Ireland and pursues policies championed by the SDLP and Sinn Fein. The Tories have voted to extend the discriminatory 50/50 recruitment in the Police Service, they have supported the continuation of the hated Parades Commission and have refused to dismantle mandatory coalition should they win power.

Only the DUP have fought on these issues, achieving the end of 50/50 within the year, a new start to parading and the first breach of mandatory coalition with the cross-community selection of a Justice Minister.

Let's also deal with the fallacy propagated by Mr Cosgrove that the Tories will introduce a lower Corporation Tax. The Conservatives have never promised a lower Corporation Tax and I would challenge Mr Cosgrove to prove otherwise. Mr Cosgrove criticises the Labour Party for rejecting a lower Corporation Tax when they set up the Varney report. What Mr Cosgrove is either ignorant of, or refuses to divulge, is that his Conservative masters have also ruled this out. The truth is the UUP will have no influence on Tory policy. The only say that they will have will be on how many teachers should be cut, schools be shut or hospitals closed.


Donaghadee, Co Down

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