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UK and Ireland have sold their souls to the EU

So, after a session of long and difficult negotiations on Greece's debt to the European Union, decision day for Greece has arrived.

Like many other countries of the European Union, they foolishly sold their very soul to become a member of this club of Utopian dreamers.

Ireland succumbed to pressure and eventually joined the union and the Celtic Tiger was born, where money flowed like water from the Niagara Falls.

But unlike these falls, this flow of money soon dried up and the country was soon in serious debt to the European Union.

So guess who loses? Yes, the working-class people of every EU country. Conversely, who wins, one may ask. That's easy - the millionaires and billionaires that have flourished overnight.

The ironic part is that here at home we have political imbeciles governing our lives, who can see no further than a Union flag or tricolour flag, all subservient to the laws of the European Union.

In conclusion, I say to these simple-minded people - wake up and smell the coffee. Independence? Forget about it.

Ireland and Britain have sold their soul and identity to the demands for cheap labour to satisfy the bank balances of billionaires.


Kircubbin, Co Down

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