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UK being ruled by Brussels is just bananas

I REFER to an article in the Belfast Telegraph on March 3 entitled 'Europe is going bananas again, warns Nicholson', in which the MEP says that Spanish MEPs have tabled a motion to re-introduce legislation on misshapen fruit.

Does this sort of ruling not just go to show that the United Kingdom should pull out of the Union?

The majority of people in this country are fed up at being dictated to by Brussels and Strasbourg - especially when they introduce nonsensical laws like the misshapen fruit proposal.

While UKIP Leader Nigel Farage may have been wrong in calling the EU President a "low-grade bank clerk" he was certainly correct in saying nobody had heard of him when he was elected and, even now six months later, still nobody has heard of him.

And what makes it even more laughable is that he was thrust upon us without even an election.

Is the European Parliament not supposed to be a democracy?



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