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UK can't afford repeat of Abu Qatada farce

SO, Abu Qatada has finally been deported from Britain and there is much celebration by the Conservative Party. If ever there was a lesson to be learned from this diabolical deportation farce, that has embarrassed and humiliated the Government, it is that it must never happen again.

Qatada was a wanted criminal, as well as being a despised purveyor of hate. He was assisted by an undemocratic European legal system that has cost the British taxpayer (people like me) millions in our hard-earned money.

British politicians cannot, nor will they be allowed to, sit on their backsides and do nothing about a situation like this again.

The EU has been a total failure – not only for Britain, but other countries as well. It bodes ill for humanity if countries cannot share cordial detente and trade exchange, without an imposed immigration policy. How do they expect to have peace in the world?

Nations need their own indigenous people, their own identity, their own laws. It is madness to expect any government to control an illegitimate, hogwash society of multitudinous habits and life-values, as Britain has at the moment. The sooner the EU realises this, the better it will be for everyone.


Kircubbin, Co Down

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