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UK is leaving the EU, not leaving Europe


The European Commission President, Jean-Claude Junker, has got it wrong: it is not the United Kingdom that will "soon regret" leaving the European Union, as he insists, but the EU will soon regret the UK leaving when the payments stop.

The United Kingdom's momentous decision to leave the European Union was mainly down to how the EU is run in a dictatorial and undemocratic, top-down fashion. His tactics of belittling the UK and her people and trying to bully the UK Government will not work.

His continual reference to Europe is wrong - we are not leaving Europe, but the European Union. The EU is not Europe and Europe is not the EU.

As I understand it, Article 50 has no provision for the UK to pay anything when we leave. Remember: we have already paid over £500bn into the EU funds since we joined and this is more than enough.

The squandering of vast sums of money and waste has not been addressed by the EU and if he spent as much time on reforming the EU as criticising the UK, the EU would be a much better organisation.

In his 'state of the union' speech, it is clear Junker wants to penalise the UK for being democratic and accepting the majority voice of the people here in the decision to leave the EU.

If he and other EU leaders had listened to voices in the UK and other EU countries, we may not have come to this and the UK could well have voted to remain.

As things now stand, the EU leadership have not listened to any concerns, but buried their heads in the sand.

Project United States of Europe - with it's vast, centralised power - is now moving full steam ahead, with plans for even a new EU army.

Leaders of the EU, like President Junker, with his foolish remarks that illustrate the advantages of leaving, help to strengthen my resolve and makes me - like the vast majority of people - more impatient to break free from the EU as soon as possible.


Castlederg, Co Tyrone

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