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UK must refuse to let Europe's bureaucrats beat us into submission with their bully-boy tactics

letter of the day: Brexit negotiations

AT the start of the Brexit negotiations, the ex-finance minister of Greece warned what would happen, as he had experience of how his own country had been crushed by the EU.

And so he has proved correct, as we witness the bully-boy tactics of unelected bureaucrats trying to beat the UK into submission and so reverse the democratically expressed will of the UK.

In this they are assisted by a "fifth column" of Remoaners, who also cannot accept a democratic vote. The European Commission appears to have learned from the Sinn Fein book of negotiation: make unreasonable demands and, when a compromise is offered, pocket that and come back for more, but never change your own demands. (Witness the ever-increasing so-called "divorce bill".)

They have now encouraged our neighbours in the Republic to threaten to veto the negotiations unless unrealistic demands are met. This is cynical use by the EU of the unique problems we have with a never-ending peace process.

Ironically, if the Republic do crash the UK's exit, they will be the biggest losers when we leave without a deal. But perhaps they realise this and their actions are more a sign of panic.

The EU need the UK, otherwise they would not be fighting so hard to keep it in the club, and no other country will be more affected by no deal than the Republic.

So, it's time for the UK to say enough is enough and stop trying to compromise with people who have no intention of making a deal reasonable to all sides.

Put the ball back in their court.


Ballyclare, Co Antrim

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